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kstewartTo experience the content of the pulpit ministry in Glasgow RPCS, it is best to click here.

I hope doing so will make plain that the main emphasis of the pulpit is the proclamation of Christ crucified through the regular exposition of the Word of God.

However, there are many themes and issues which are not so easy to deal with in the pulpit in a full or satisfactory manner and hence the reason for this Minister’s page. Accordingly, it is not to be expected that the emphasis of this page should be the same as that of the pulpit – although the overall aim remains the same: to honour the Lord Jesus Christ as Prophet, Priest and King.

Most of these articles or papers will probably be dealing with issues which agitate the church to some degree and are designed to recall the church to her original purity and, therefore, to peace – for the wisdom from above is ‘first pure, then peaceable’.

Rev Kenneth Stewart

1 – The Reformed Presbyterian Church and the Revolution Settlement

2 – The Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland, the British Constitution and Scottish Independence